The First Online Marketplace for Tesla Tires And Wheels

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Got new tires from the referral program and don’t know what to do with the old ones? Or maybe your tires are going bald and you want a new set?

Want to change out your stock wheels for something a bit fancier? Or maybe you’ve got a set you want to turn into quick cash?

Tesla owners shouldn’t have to prowl through shady forums and risk getting scammed, or waste a bunch of time making listings that never get seen or taken seriously.

Soon, they won’t have to.

Tesla Exclusive

All wheels and tires must meet Tesla’s specifications in order to be listed.

Penny Tested

Penny test photos are required, and listings that don’t meet minimum safety specs for tire treads are rejected.

Verified Users

ID Verification reduces scamming, and users are legally responsible for the tires they sell.


Forum posts get low traction, and can lead to getting scammed. Browse through quickly and easily with intelligent filters to find exactly what you need.


Get more traction than a forum post, and ensure that the people looking are looking specifically to buy.

Cheaper Than Retail

It’s like buying new, but for less.

Avoid Trouble

Driving on old tires can strand you and ruin a trip, or even worse.

Prepare for Next Season

Get a set of winter or summer tires so you aren’t left stranded when the weather changes.

Extra Space in The Garage

Rubber compounds in a tire deteriorate over time and reduce in value, even when not in use. Why waste space on extra parts you’re never going to use when you could turn them into money?

Upgrade Your Ride

Easily browse for custom and high-end wheels that meet Tesla specifications, and change out your stock wheels for something a bit more your style.

Earn a Free Credit worth $99 to use on launch day.

Want to list right now? Click the link below and send us an email. The first 100 people to do so will earn a free listing credit to use on launch day.